29|5|2021 saturday

1 PM | MSU Gallery

Seadeta Midžić: The French Institute and the Youth Company – the significance of that theatrical and poetic magical island for the Croatian culture and the opening of the other world to Ivo Malec with an homage to his opus 
Vedrana Klepica: The echo of the Youth Company’s operation on the new generations and the presentation of the Croatian theater-music scene

17 - 19h | MSU Plateau

Svirkaonica in the Museum, creative workshop for children, building DIY instruments (6+)
mentor: Lucija Stanojević, violinist and music educator

7 PM | MSU Plateau

Listening-improvisational event with Svirkaonica
Participants: children attending Svirkaonica in the Museum 
Impro-collective: Miroslav Manojlović, Nenad Sinkauz, Ana Kovačić, Ivan Marincel, Igor Pavlica, Hrvoje Nikšić
the collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU)

8 PM | Dom sportova, Small hall

pre-concert program
John Cage, Four5
concert program
Ivo Malec: Sigma  
Sanda Majurec: Springs
Matko Brekalo: Gaul*
Mirela IvičevićGoldspell (performed by The Papandopulo Quartet
Michelle Agnes MagalhaesAfter Spring*** 
Raphaël Cendo: Denkklänge  
Yalda Zamani, conductor
The collaboration with The Croatian Radiotelevision and The Master Cycle SO HRT 
*first performance, commissioned by 31st MBZ
***praizvedba revidirane verzije