29|05 Saturday
MSU | 5 PM

Svirkaonica in the Museum

The Music Biennale Zagreb has once again created a program for children and youth, but this year in a completely different form. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year that program will move from concert halls, schools, and kindergartens to digital formats. On the first day of the Festival, 18 April, a new website will go live kidz.mbz.hr that will offer children of different ages, but also their parents and teachers, materials, listening rooms and classrooms within a new, broader approach to contemporary music to be used more directly whenever and wherever possible to the delight of all.
The mascot of the MBZ program for children is Svirko, who will guide the children through the interactive and educational content, quizzes, conversations with composers and performers as well as through a series of animated feature films created by music teacher and violinist Lucija Stanojević, produced by Studio Tetrabot, with Nina Čalopek as the program director and concept author. At Svirkaonica, that is contemporary music workshops, the children will compose, play, make, perform, conduct, dance, discover everything that can be used to produce sound and music, but also how to turn the space in which we are into a concert hall. The aim of the workshop is – music for all.