29|05 Saturday
MSU | 1 PM

Conversational Formats

The artistic director of the MBZ, and the selector of the Biennale symposium, or rather its „conversational formats“, Margareta Ferek-Petrić, has said she wanted the esteemed musicologist Seadeta Midžić (Zagreb, 1943) to „showcase her knowledge and memories“, because she loves to talk to Midžić about the Biennale, and those conversations are a „constructive peek into the past of the Festival“: „Seadeta Midžić will provide an insight into what she calls a theatrical and poetic magical island for Croatian culture – the Youth Company – and will, in a way, unveil the creation of composer Ivo Malec, with homage to his research and opus.“
Following that lecture, there will be a a screening of a short film by Krešo Golik from 1968, Choreography for Camera and Dancers, a film choreographed by Vera Maletić and the first experimental dance film made in Croatia.
The next panelist will be Vedrana Klepica, a dramaturge and director, who says: In the discussion, we will once again reflect on the genesis and the work of the Youth Company, but we will also open a discussion on possible comparisons with recent models of creating non-institutional and avant-garde theatre appearances and consider their influence on the present theatre scene in Zagreb.
Vedrana Klepica will also join the discussion about the reflection of the artistic creation of women at 4 pm.