29|05 Saturday
Dom sportova, small Hall | 8 PM

The Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Radiotelevision

A mostly French-Croatian concert evening awaits us, an evening comprising performances by the Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) Symphony Orchestra, but with a pre-concert programme by the Papandopulo Quartet, and the Quartet’s interpolation into the main programme: We shall hear Four5 by John Cage (1912 – 1992) first, and later, Papandopulo Quartet will “crash” the Orchestra’s programme with their performance of a piece by Mirela Ivičević (1980).
The HRT Symphony Orchestra will perform works by Michelle Agnes Magalhaes (1979), Sanda Majurec (1971), Ivo Malec (1925–2019) and Raphaël Cendo (1975), and give the first performance of a piece by the young Croatian composer Matko Brekalo (1993), a piece inspired by France. The concert will be conducted by Yalda Zamani, one of the leading interpreters of contemporary music in her generation.