29|05 Saturday
MSU | 10:30 PM

Female Heroes of Acousmatic Music

The second bloc of the 31st MBZ concludes with a special programme devised by the MBZ and the GRM INA – the Music Research Group of the National Audio-visual Institute in Paris: works by women composers of acousmatic music. Acousmatic music is often called “music for loudspeakers”, as it is the kind of music in which the listener “does not have access to the gestures of music-making.”
The MBZ artistic director Margareta Ferek-Petrić wanted to showcase women composers, as they are often disproportionately left out of concert programmes, and adds: “it is a type of electronic music where the source of the sound, or rather the means used to create the sound, cannot be identified, making the listener focused on the experience of listening itself.”