21|4|2021 wednesday

6 PM | Online concert

Milko Kelemen: A Donkey Strolling by the Sea
1. A Donkey Strolling by the Sea
2. The Cricket Tunes Its Violin
3. When Will the Swallows Come
4. The Rocket
5. A Schoolboy Memorizes a Poem
6. Wind in the Mountains
7. Dancing Blades of Grass
8. The Cat's Sun Bath
9. The Cyclist 
Branimir Davor Vincze: Six Miniatures for a Desperate Housewife 
1. Die staubsaugende Frau / The Vacuum Cleaning Woman
2. Die Schmutz putzende Frau / The Grime Cleaning Woman
3. Die Wäsche waschende Frau / The Laundry Doing Woman
4. Die Hemd bügelnde Frau / The Shirt Ironing Woman
5. Die Essen kochende Frau / The Meal Cooking Woman
6. Die schön lächelnde Frau / The Nicely Smiling Woman
Frano Đurović: Concerto for piano and electronics* 
Tena Ivana Borić: Toy Story* 
Matthias Kranebitter: Candlelight Music mit Rondo 
Ivan Batoš, piano
*first performance, commissioned by 31st MBZ