21|04 Wednesday
Online concert from Bratislava | 8 PM

Quasars ansambl

Quasars Ensemble joins the MBZ program live from Bratislava. Their program connects authors from Croatia and Slovakia whose artistic vision was shaped (also) during their studies at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.
The Ensemble will give first performances of pieces by Marko Markuš and Ivan Buffa inspired by the pandemic and pieces by Mladen Tarbuk and Jana Kmit’ova who, according to the ensemble, has “set the chamber ensemble in beautiful sound-image contexts.” In addition to Croatian and Slovak pieces, they will also present the “advanced playing techniques” and “ethereal explosion of sound” in a composition by German composer Carola Bauckholt.
The concert is held with the support of the Slovak Art Support Fund. 
Quasars ansambl
Ivan Buffa, dirigent
Eric Lamb, flute
Jozef Eliáš, clarinet
Tamás Schlanger, percussion
Diana Buffa, piano
Peter Mosorjak, violin
Daniel Moser, viola
Arne Kircher, cello
Marián Bujňák, double bass