20|04 Tuesday
Online koncert | 9 PM

Gala concert on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Cantus Ensemble

For almost twenty years, contemporary music in Croatia, the one written by Croatian composers and representatives of the international scene, lives largely through the activities of the Cantus Ensemble that was founded to explore, discover and present new and hitherto unexplored spheres of new music.
Soon after the management of the Music Biennale Zagreb, led by Berislav Šipuš, founded the Cantus Ensemble in 2001, that ensemble has found its place and has become an important, if not an integral, part of the Croatian contemporary music scene. In their twenty years of existence, soloists, conductors, halls, festivals, continents, composers, scores, concepts have changed, but not its spiritual platform – the 20th and 21st centuries.
The gala anniversary concert will be led by the ensemble’s director Ivan Josip Skender, and the soloists will be its long-time members – percussionist Marko Mihajlović and clarinetist Danijel Martinović. In addition to compositions by Dubravko Detoni, Antun Tomislav Šaban, Martin Matalon and Fausto Romitteli, the ensemble will also perform for the first time a composition by the young author Helena Skljarov on this concert. 


Cantus Ansambl
Ivan Josip Skender, conductor
Marko Mihajlović, marimba
Danijel Martinović, clarinet
Ana Batinica, flute
Branko Mihanović, oboe
Danijel Martinović,clarinet
Emma Stern, clarinet
Žarko Perišić, bassoon
Bank Harkay, horn
Vedran Kocelj, trumpet
Mario Šincek, trombone
Hrvoje Sekovanić, percussion
Marko Mihajlović, percussion
Darko Misirača, electric guitar
Mirjana Krišković, harp
Srebrenka Poljak, piano
Ivana Cvetkovski, accordion
Viktor Čizić, keyboard
Martin Draušnik, violin I
Eva Mach, violin II
Tvrtko Pavlin, viola
Zita Varga, cello
Nikša Bobetko, double bass