Bach as the perfect preparation for the Biennale

To sing ten roles from ten operas written by ten different composers in one night – the unprecedented feat will be performed by Monika Cerovčec, soprano, and Krešimir Stražanac, bass-baritone, at the28th Music Biennale Zagreb.

Soap Opera nearing its climax


After the first three episodes composed by Mladen Tarbuk, Mirela Ivičević i Zoran Juranić, the plot, music and characters of the soap opera have been passed along to Silvio Foretić.

MBZ traži volontere!


Dragi zaljubljenici u glazbu i suvremenu umjetnost, pridružite se ovogodišnjem MBZ-ovu volonterskom timu!

MBZ newsletter 3

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Interview with the finalist of the 5-Minute Opera Competition: Juan María Solare

Juan María Solare (Argentina), opera Dear Mr. MillionaireWe, human beings, keep fresh and alive by doing things we have never done before. In my case, the challenge had two facets: to compress and develop a coherent story in a few minutes, and to compose a music piece that would be part of a whole. Because, in a certain way, this will be a collective composition: a "blind date" with other nine composers...