Finalists of the 5-Minute Opera Competition

Ten finalists were chosen to participate in the 5-Minute Opera competition taking place at the Music Biennale Zagreb in April. Read who are selected finalists and why juri chose their compositions!



Izbor skladbi za Finale natjecanja 5-Minute Opera

U tijeku je odabir skladbi za Finale natjecanja 5-Minute Opera!

Naš žiri, u sastavu: Zygmunt Krauze, predsjednik (skladatelj i dirigent, Poljska), Edo Mičić (dirigent, Austrija) i Mladen Tarbuk (skladatelj i dirigent, Hrvatska) pregledava 81 ispravno prijavljenu partituru i bira 10 najboljih.



MBZ ballet by Frano Đurović at the World Music Days in Wrozlaw

Frano Đurović’s ballet „My name is Nobody“, composed as a commission for the MBZ in 2011 and coproduced by Music Biennale Zagreb and Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin, will have its first performance in Poland as part of the World Music Days being held in Wrozlaw.  

MBZ 5-Minute Opera Competition

Although we have almost a year to go before the doors of the 28th Music Biennale Zagreb open on 18th April 2015, the program is being seriously chipped away on as we speak. We are now in position to start revealing bits and pieces, more accurately we would like to present our new project. Music Biennale Zagreb is launching a new composers' competition - 5-Minute Opera!