Interview with the finalist of the 5-Minute Opera Competition: Juan María Solare

Juan María Solare (Argentina), opera Dear Mr. MillionaireWe, human beings, keep fresh and alive by doing things we have never done before. In my case, the challenge had two facets: to compress and develop a coherent story in a few minutes, and to compose a music piece that would be part of a whole. Because, in a certain way, this will be a collective composition: a "blind date" with other nine composers...

Finalists of the 5-Minute Opera Competition

Ten finalists were chosen to participate in the 5-Minute Opera competition taking place at the Music Biennale Zagreb in April. Read who are selected finalists and why juri chose their compositions!



Izbor skladbi za Finale natjecanja 5-Minute Opera

U tijeku je odabir skladbi za Finale natjecanja 5-Minute Opera!

Naš žiri, u sastavu: Zygmunt Krauze, predsjednik (skladatelj i dirigent, Poljska), Edo Mičić (dirigent, Austrija) i Mladen Tarbuk (skladatelj i dirigent, Hrvatska) pregledava 81 ispravno prijavljenu partituru i bira 10 najboljih.