Seriously but Frivolously / Kids and Vegetables

On the 1985 Biennale visit by the legendary American composer John Cage

NADA BEZIĆ, PhD, musicologist, Head of Library and Archives Collection at the Croatian Music Institute
SILVIO FORETIĆ, composer, retired professor at the College of Music Folkwang
NIKŠA GLIGO, PhD, musicologist, academician, professor emeritus at the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb, long-time producer and secretary-general of the Biennale
ERIKA KRPAN, musicologist and critic, former director of the Zagreb Concert Management, former long-time associate of the Music Biennale Zagreb and the editor of their printed publications
SEADETA MIDŽIĆ, musicologist, former long-time editor at the Zagreb Television and Croatian Television, former aide to the Minister of Culture, diplomat, and an associate of the MBZ
MLADEN SEDAK, violinist, retired professor, Music Academy of the University of Zagreb
MAJA STANETTI, musicologist and critic

These twenty MBZ Stories represent, of course, just a smaller part of the Biennale heritage and only a few people of the many one could talk to about the early Biennale years – the ones we filmed in just one week in July of 2020. There are many more who were and are involved in Music Biennale Zagreb in different ways and whose memories would very much contribute to the Stories, but due to a lot of circumstances, they remain to be included in future editions.  

Authors: Petra Pavić i Dina Puhovski
Camera: Duje Kundić
Editing: Karla Folnović
This MBZ Story features footage from the Music Biennale Zagreb – International Festival of Contemporary Music DVD ROM (Croatian Composers' Society, 2008).
Production: Bite Art Studio

Music Biennale Zagreb / Croatian Composers' Society, 2020