27|05 Thursday
MSU | 9 PM

Gobi Drab, Paetzold recorder

Gobi Drab is a recorder player, pedagogue and performer. Her repertoire spans from free improvisation to contemporary composition and early music. Gobi is a co-founder of the association “snim – spontaneous network for improvised music“, curator of the concert series Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht and member of PLENUM – a paetzold recorder ensemble. 
Gobi Drab:
“The Paetzold recorder is a recorder, first and foremost. It was invented by the German instrument maker Herbert Paetzold in the 1970s and the design was inspired by organ pipes therefore the square shape. All compositions on the program were composed for the Paetzold recorder and most of them were written for me. Contemporary playing techniques on the Paetzold recorder are not that standardized, as it is still a relatively young instrument which is still developed further and further as we speak! I think it's the simplicity of the instrument that gives you such freedom and range, especially in improvised music.“