Mouse on Mars at MBZ!

Exciting announcements for the fourth block come while we are still under the impression of the third block of the MBZ and the excellent performances of many performers!
Berlin artists Mouse on Mars, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma, a duo that has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for close to thirty years, will enrich the fourth block of the Music Biennale Zagreb that starts on 17 September and ends on 30 September.
Thanks to the collaboration with the MAMA Multimedia Institute, Mouse on Mars will present their latest album, AAI, released in February 2021, at Tvornica Kulture on 19 September. The album reveals how Toma and Werner pushed their fascination with technology and an unconventional exploration of audio-visual material one step further. Using the text and voice of writer and scholar Louis Chude-Sokei as a starting point, Mouse on Mars, together with a group of computer programmers and their long-time collaborator, percussionist Dodo NKishi, explore artificial intelligence as a narrative framework and a composing tool, which resulted in the creation of a science fiction work of a kind.
Mouse on Mars the leading representatives of not only German but global experimental electronic music, held guest concerts in Zagreb on two occasions, in 2004 and 2009. Because of their intensity, these performances are amongst the most fascinating concerts of the last two decades for many local listeners. The Music Biennale Zagreb and the MAMA Multimedia Institute are even more pleased that the Mouse on Mars will hold a guest performance in Croatia right after the release of their album AAI. This will be one of the first live concerts of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma in a trio with Dodo NKishi featuring the new album.
The artistic curiosity, ingenuity and playfulness in the use of the latest technology that characterize their sound makes it completely unexpected and contemporary even today, despite the difficulty of fitting it into a specific genre.
Press contact:
Ružica Popović / Đurđica Sarjanović