Tickets are available for purchase from March 15th, 2023 at, and from April 11th, 2023 at the 32nd MBZ Information Office at the Cultural Information Center (Kulturni informativni centar), Preradovićeva 5, mezzanine, from 11 AM to 7 PM.

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Price list table with individual ticket prices: DOWNLOAD PRICE LIST


FESTIVAL TICKETS MBZ PASS (30,00 € -  226,00 kn)

Covers admission to all events of the 32nd MBZ, but the MBZ pass must be collected at the 32nd MBZ Information Office along with free tickets for your selected events which can also be collected at the venue's box office one hour before the event. To reserve the concert tickets in advance, contact

The number of tickets that can be collected using the MBZ Pass is limited and depends on the number of seats available at each venue.


INDIVIDUAL TICKETS: 10,00 € (75, 34 kn) / 5,00 € (37,67 kn)


Festival passes and individual tickets can be purchased:

1) online at

2) at the MBZ Festival Office (except for individual tickets in co-production with the Croatian National Theatre, Croatian Radiotelevision and Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, in which case the ticket price is the official co-organizer’s price)

3) at the 32nd MBZ Information Office available at the venues one hour before the event


The entry to the festival closing and the premiere of Lennon will only be granted through official invites. 
This ticketing link refers to the tickets for the second performance on April 24th.

For additional information please contact us at