New breakup sensibilities: dejana sekulić live

On Sunday, May 26, we officially launched the MBZ 33 festival year with the program Interrupted. Continued by the indisciplinary artist dejana sekulić.
With a telegraph key, electronics, and video, violinist Dejana Sekulić reexamined the process of preparing, performing, and interpreting a piece. In her compositions, she offered the audience an intimate dialogue with her past and future self.

Other works relied more on the visual element. The piece  >Music-19< #17 by Johannes Kreidler showcased some new methods of graphic notation.

The performance of Visualization by Sam Perkin, called for several video walls. The walls surrounded the audience, and each of them echoed the artist, who expressively repeated similar bow moments, referring to the necessity for innovation and creativity in crafting a piece under constrained circumstances.

The composition artefacts of presence by Solomiya Moroz uses audio-visual quotations that, like fragmented memories, blend into the mosaic of the new.

Miika Hyytiäinen's Impossibilities for Violin was anything but dull.  Like pop-up windows, snippets of musical scores, textual instructions, popular memes, and videos of the composer alternated schizophrenically on the screen. The whole of the piece emerged through interaction with the artist, that is, in her quick and (nimble!) reactions to commands.