Kickstarting the festival year: dejana sekulić @ Lauba

dejana sekulić: Interrupted. Continued
performance for one performer with violin and telegraph key, with electronics and video
Sunday, 26.5.2024. @ Lauba (Prilaz baruna Filipovića 23A, Zagreb)
  • 19:00 Door
  • 19:30 Artist talk with dejana sekulić & MBZ artistic directors
  • 20:00 Interrupted. Continued (50’)
  • 21:00 After Party at Lauba’s bar
Entry to the concert is free.
Interrupted. Continued is a performance reflecting on different kinds of displacements ([e]migratory, educational, emotional, personal, socio-cultural) that, as the inevitable part of living, often bringing sense of broken connections not only with the outside world but within self. 
But these ruptures are a temporary state, a passage that leads to becoming differently connected. A path that moves across and beyond the borders (of familiar, of a country, of...) and disconnections, and is a (life)path that likewise inevitably creates moments for recognizing and adopting these new connections and ways of belonging — within self, to self, to community.  Informed by the past but refusing the politics that draw borders, break up lands and people, this is a way of finding belonging to time-space present and future, to geography, to lands and people. 
This is an indisciplinary performance that relies on different media, mixing them together to create a coherent flow of narrating the story through the pieces placed in the performance. This search is pursued through sonic and visual vertigo games, evoked in different ways, with music by Miika Hyytiäinen, Johannes Kreidler, Solomiya Moroz, Sam Perkin, and Dejana Sekulić.
Program includes works by:
  • Johannes Kreidler:  >Music-19< #17 (2020)**, graphic score series - interpretation with live performer, video, and playback by dejana sekulić
  • dejana sekulić: conversations with my past self (2024)*, for a performer with telegraph key, electronics, and video (from Reading Poetry Series)
  • Solomiya Moroz: artefacts of presence (2017-18)**, for violin, electronics, video and motion sensor
  • dejana sekulić: conversations with my future self (2024)*, for a performer with telegraph key, electronics, and video (from Reading Poetry Series)
  • Sam Perkin: Visualization (2021), 2024 version - for one musician live, playback, and multi-channel video by dejana sekulić
  • Miika Hyytiäinen: Impossibilities for Violin (2020/2024)*, version for solo violin and 2 channel video
*Premiere (of new work or new version of the work)
**Croatian premiere
Dejana Sekulić (dejana sekulić) is a violinist, sound+silence explorer, composer-performer, and indisciplinary artist, born at 43°18’58.5”N 21°54’39.5”E. 
A passionate advocate for the music of our time, dejana holds a PhD from the University of Huddersfield (UK), where she conducted her doctoral studies at the Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) and the Research Centre for Performance Practices (ReCePP), under the guidance of Philip Thomas, Aaron Cassidy, and Mary Bellamy. dejana's dissertation, titled “Temporality of the Impossible”, focuses on the multifaceted process of preparation of complex pieces from the late 20th and 21st centuries. In February 2022 NMC/Huddersfield Contemporary Records released her solo violin CD baring the same title. 
dejana obtained her bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Art University of Niš (Serbia), followed by Masters studies and Post Master specialisation in music at the Royal Conservatory Brussels (with Igor Oistrakh, Valery Oistrakh, and Bart Bouckaert), and an advanced program for contemporary music lead by ICTUS (Brussels) and Spectra (Gent) ensembles at the School of Arts Gent (Belgium). 
She actively performs as a soloist, and in violin and live electronics duo with Gilles Doneux. She is the violinist of LAPS Ensemble, as well as a regular guest and member of artistic board of Contemporary Insights, and is part of the art and education research collective People Coming from NowHere. dejana also creates and develops works in the fields of interactive sound installations and multimedia.
Full biography is available here