A successful sequel to the Singing Stories

In the spring, we invited you all to support the Singing Stories, a humanitarian project of musical adaptations of Ukrainian children's literature written by artists of various stylistic profiles, presented on April 16th in Lauba as part of the 32nd Zagreb Music Biennale. It is an audiobook in which, along with music, stories, giggles, and onomatopoeic tone images, the Ukrainian and Croatian languages are connected, aiming to help young Ukrainians in Croatia learn the Croatian language as easily as possible through their favourite national stories and fairy tales. It was published jointly by the Foundation SOLIDARNA, the Croatian Composers’ Society, and the book&zvook audiobook library. The goal of the project was also to collect money for the art education of Ukrainian children and their learning of the Croatian language. The stories were musically shaped by the composer Ivana Kiš (singer Melita Lovričević, violinist Eva Mach and percussionist Nicolas Sinković perform the music on the recording), the author-performer couple Ivanka Mazurkijević and Damir Martinović Mrle and the singer-songwriter Maja Rivić, the original texts were read by Iryna Pronenko, Lyudmyla Mudryk, and Valeriia Movenko, and their Croatian translations by Maja Katić, Dunja Fajdić and Amanda Prenkaj. The results are as follows: by mid-September, 2,769.46 euros were collected on the designated account of the Solidarity with Ukraine fund of the Foundation SOLIDARNA; 115.00 euros were donated by individuals, and 2,654.46 euros were donated by HDS. Part of the money was spent on a tablet for the gifted young painter Marharyta Klabukhova, winner of several state and county awards for artistic creativity, while the other part was added to the association SVOJA by the Donation Agreement and will be donated to children from Ukraine for their artistic development. The association SVOJA, which means "our" in Ukranian, was established by three Ukrainian women upon their arrival in Croatia, with the aim of helping all refugees in Croatia with employment and childcare. The Foundation SOLIDARNA is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Singing Stories project, which improved the lives of Ukrainian children in Croatia, as confirmed by the numerous downloads and sharing of musical audiobooks. The collected donations, on the other hand, are there to support them on their journey of discovering and developing talents, but also to facilitate integration in Croatia through language learning.