Watch Opera Lennon on the HRTi Platform or tune in this sunday on HTV3

Since the 1960s, the Zagreb Music Biennale and the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb have collaborated to commission and produce new music-theatrical pieces by Croatian composers. During this period, John Lennon, the iconic Beatle known for his legendary songs, activism against the establishment, and promotion of peace, gained worldwide recognition. The 32nd festival edition took place in 2023 and was marked by the premiere of Ivo Josipović's opera "Lennon" during the festival's closing on April 22nd. This was made possible through the collaboration of the Biennale and "Lennon".

Tune in to the Third Channel of HRT (Croatian national broadcast company) at 9:30 PM on Sunday, May 21st, to watch the first "Lennon" performance reprise recording captured on April 24th, 2023. The recording is also available on the HRTi platform so you can enjoy it whenever you want. The librettist, Marina Biti, provides an overview of Lennon's life through his psyche during a flashback of his key moments and people. The performance will showcase five scenes lasting approximately 80 minutes, presenting various situations from Lennon's life as if in a dream.

Ivo Josipović's music style is diverse, lively, and eclectic. It can be described as typically postmodernist, avant-garde, classical, rhythmic, and melodic.

The leading roles in the Zagreb Opera are performed by regular members, including tenor Domagoj Dorotić as Lennon, soprano Marija Kuhar Šoša as Yoko Ono, mezzo-soprano Dubravka Šeparović Mušović as May, bass-baritone Ozren Bilušić as Mark David Chapman (Lennon's killer), and soprano Kristina Anđelka Đopar as Lennon's aunt Mimi. Other roles include Lennon's mother, Julia, first wife, Cynthia, and first son Julian, as well as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and Brian Epstein (the Beatles' first manager). The opera is directed by Marina Pejnović and conducted by maestro Ivan Josip Skender. The libretto is in English but will be presented with Croatian subtitles.

The recording is directed by Mirena Stijačić, produced by Mate Letica, and supervised by Jana Haluza.

This news is sourced from the official HRT website.