MBZ kidz program is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Education and included in e-teaching

MBZ kidz, part of the Music Biennale Zagreb dedicated to the youngest, in addition to festival programs for children such as theatre plays and concerts, offers a range of educational content. The MBZ kidz website brings music content in three categories - watch, listen, and learn - created specifically for preschool and primary school children. The idea and concept are signed by the program manager of the MBZ program for children and youth, musicologist Nina Čalopek together with Lucija Stanojević, author of the scenario and concept of the video series.

The Ministry of Science and Education recognized the enormous effort and knowledge invested in the creation and production of all these educational materials, including the video from the MBZ kidz "watch" auditorium called "I compose" in the e-lesson on the subject of music culture.

Let us remind you that the video "I compose" represents the composer's profession through the interactive play of composer and conductor Ivan Josip Skender and children Dora, Mara, and Dan, bringing the children closer to the process of composing in a direct and easy-to-understand way. Thus, it fits perfectly into the lesson in music culture for the 4th grade of the elementary school "Occupations in Music", which was designed and led by teacher Mia Mucić.

Video lessons by the Ministry of Science and Education are tools aiming to support teachers, students, and parents through which educational units, aligned with the themes of the annual curricula for each subject, are available to all students in teaching conditions related to Covid-19 disease.

See the lesson "Occupations in Music" in full at the link


and explore other available materials on the MBZ kidz website.