"Animal Farm" by Igor Kuljerić on November 27th and 28th at Lisinski!

The most anticipated performances this week in Zagreb are student performances of Igor Kuljerić's Animal Farm, and this opera-fable, as the composer called it, was premiered at MBZ! It was April 5, 2003, at the 22nd Music Biennale Zagreb.
Kuljerić wrote the work based on George Orwell's Animal Farm, which he immediately felt had "great stage potential". Maestro Kuljerić, at one time the artistic director of MBZ, returned to Animal Farm again, after Richard III, to the topic of the functioning of the power mechanism. He believed that the text must remain in English and prepared the libretto in collaboration with Sonia Bićanić, and hired director Paolo Magelli as the playwright.
For the work, Kuljerić composed songs, arias and "hints of arias", he called Farm's vocal style "arioso" and described: one does not set dramatic music to dramatic situations, music should counter it, to the greatest slaughter come the loveliest songs. In her critique for Vijenac in 2003, Maria Barbieri wrote that Kuljerić “composed so much music that another work could be composed of it! It included everything - musical, jazz, pop, opera, negro spiritual songs, "
In 2003, the premiere was conducted by Maestro Tonči Bilić, directed by Leo Katunarić, and the costumes were designed by Leo Kulaš. The Croatian Radio and Television Choir and Symphony Orchestra and soloists Piotr Nowacki, Kristina Kolar, Martina Tomčić, Adela Golac Rilović, Helena Lucić, Antonija Boroša, Saša Ivaci, Voljen Grbac, Luciano Batinić, Martina Gojčeta Silić and Ivo Gamulin performed. The premiere was at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, where soon, on November 27 and 28, 2021, students of the Academy of Music will perform in collaboration with students of the Academy of Dramatic Art, Academy of Fine Arts as well as the Faculty of Textile Technology.
Take a look at what the premiere looked like in #MBZretro photos, take a look at Leo Kulaš's costume sketch, and in the MBZ Story From Orwell to Kafka listen to two excerpts from the opera-fable Animal Farm and find out more about music and stage works at MBZ.
Photo: MBZ Archive