Margareta Ferek-Petrić appointed member of the Advisory Council for Music at the Goethe-Institut

MBZ artistic director and composer Margareta Ferek-Petrić was recently appointed a member of the Advisory Council for Music at the headquarters of the esteemed Goethe-Institut, and her term began in November. The Music Council is one of the twelve expert councils whose members advise the working bodies of the Goethe-Institut (president, board of directors, general assembly) on annual issues, as well as on individual projects.
The Goethe-Institut is a cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany operating worldwide. Under the motto "Language. Culture. Germany.” it encourages German language learning, provides comprehensive information about Germany and fosters international cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue and exchange. It achieves these goals through its network of 158 institutes, centers and libraries in 98 countries. The first Goethe-Institut abroad was opened in 1952, and this world-famous cultural institution will soon be celebrating 70 years of operation.
In Croatia, too, the Goethe-Institut organizes and supports a wide range of cultural events with the aim to present German culture in Croatia and initiates long-term projects for intercultural exchange. It also offers German language courses and exams and programs for German teachers.
Music Biennale Zagreb regularly cooperates with the Goethe-Institut, and several projects have been realized at this year's MBZ in cooperation with the Institute: Alexander Schubert's masterclass and guest appearances by the Decoder ensemble and electronic artist Mouse on Mars.