delapse released the album "MBZLive" recorded at the 31st Music Biennale Zagreb!

The end of 2021 is reserved for the unpredictability and the feeling of the already experienced, and Zagreb producer delapse (Leonard Klaić) is once again finding a suitable soundtrack in the form of a live album "MBZLive", recorded during a performance at this year's Music Biennale Zagreb.
A little over a year ago, the debut album "OMENS" was released, which, thanks to dark electronics and atmospheric songs, was recognized as a brave and powerful step forward and a breeze of freshness on stage, but the loudest compliment was the invitation to participate in the 31st Music Biennale Zagreb, for which delapse formed a band.
"Delapse thrilled me during the first few minutes of listening to online materials and it was clear that it would enrich the program of this year's Music Biennale Zagreb in a very original way. The audience was fascinated by the performance, as well as me personally because it expanded and perfected the creative potential, strength and expressiveness of the project, which in its original version is a much more intimate work. Leonard Klaić and the band, specially formed for this occasion, gave the Bienniale audience a spectacular live performance that we will be happy to listen to for many years to come! " - explained the artistic director of MBZ, Margareta Ferek-Petrić.
Extended versions of the songs from the first album are enriched with new arrangements and harmonized with the artistic features of the Music Biennale Zagreb, in the formation of Klaić (electronics), Chris Ian (loops, vocals, guitar), Krešimir Kokić (guitar), Pavle Gulić (drums), Filip Pacak (tone and light) and the club environment are almost at the forefront of independent listening, thus giving the whole project a wider dimension, and the listener a sense of new and richer sound.
The live album, released by the label Dostava Zvuka, consists of seven songs that were performed live on July 17th at the Močvara club during the 31st MBZ. Domagoj Šimek completed the song Thunder as a guest performer, the album was recorded by Filip Pacak, and the mix and master are signed by Leonard Klaić.
The album is available on the artist's Bandcamp, YouTube Sound Delivery channel and all streaming services.
Leonard Klaić is a younger generation producer who has worked on numerous releases for She Loves Pablo, Mašinko, Killed A Fox, Malady Lane, Muscle Tribe Of Danger And Excellence, Bad Daughter, Lovely Quinces, Pase, Portman, Daliborovo Granje, Šizo, and numerous others. He actively plays drums in the bands She Loves Pablo and Lovely Quinces. As delaps, he released the EP "BRICKED" in 2017, and the debut "OMENS" in 2020.