12|05 Wednesday
MSU | 8 PM


The kuda.org collective’s Mutation of Motifs program will take place on Saturday 29 May at 8 PM on the MSU plateau as part of the joint Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) and the Music Biennale Zagreb program. 
The kuda.org collective from Novi Sad is dedicated to research in the fields of art, society and technology, especially engaging in sound-related work, in different formats developed in two program directions: Festival-in-Opposition and NOISM. The NOISM (New Forms of Contemporary Music Research) project, from which the configuration of this performance is derived, is dedicated to the temporary zones of group- and improvisation practices created in sound, with sound and around sound.
The performance of kuda.org in Zagreb will focus on the sound patterns of the surrounding environment, public space and architecture, which are transformed and fused live. The kuda.org collective will be collaborating with its partner, the MRT from Novi Sad, which, as the collective announced, “merges atmosphere, experimental electronics, clamor, noises, sampling in their work process. All of this will be aimed at creating a new experience in interaction with those present in the public space.”