31. MBZ: Continuum Nr. 1 – Furioso! / ONLINE

You can watch the video of the festive OPENING CEREMONY OF THE 31st MBZ, with a concert by the ZAGREB SOLOISTS, live, on Croatian Radio and Television’s online platform, HRTi.
The MBZ  concert of the Viennese ensemble THE BLACK PAGE ORCHESTRA  is available on our YouTube channel.
Due to popular demand, the LIQUID CONTROL performance will be available online as well, live on 20/4 at 7.30 pm, on our YouTube Channel.
The gala concert on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the CANTUS ENSEMBLE will be an exclusively online event, available on 20/4 at 9pm, here.
On Wednesday, 21/4 at 6pm, you can watch the concert of the pianist IVAN BATOŠ on our YouTube Channel;
On 21/4 at 8pm you can see and hear the QUASARS ENSEMBLE, live from Bratislava, here.
The concert of the ASMANGU ensemble will be available on the Music Academy’s YouTube channel, 22/4 at 7:30.