16|07 Friday
Jedinstvo Plant | 9 PM

Decoder Ensemble

The Decoder Ensemble – an "unpredictable and energetic" group, as described by the critics - focuses on contemporary music and especially on collaborations with young composers. Its second appearance at the Biennale, following a virtual one on the afternoon of the same day, July 16th, is a live concert with the soprano Jessica Aszodi, featuring works by Leopold Hurt, Sara Glojnarić, Sara Nemtsov, Marko Ciciliani, Andrej Koroliov and Alexander Schubert (Hurt, Koroliov and Schubert are also members of the Ensemble). They will present a wide array of soundscapes and themes, from pop drums through an exploration of the sound in a talk-show and a musical approach to colors, to practicing the so-called sensory focusing.
You can find out more about the ensemble, the composers and their pieces in our MBZ Story.