29|05 Saturday
MSU | 4 PM

Conversational Formats

The finale of the MBZ Discussion is a joint conversation. The moderator, Margareta Ferek-Petrić, explains:
“It was important for me to open that door, so to speak, into the topic of – well, not of female composing, because such a thing does not exist, but I decided to bring together an interesting group of people representing different generations who can share different experiences while talking about the reflection of female artistic creation, be it composing or any other kind of art. Our guests are a female composer on the program of the Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes, as well as the conductor leading that concert, Yalda Zamani. Naturally, Elżbieta Sikora will also join us as she will already be in Zagreb, as well as Lukas Haselböck, musicologist and composer. I know him from Vienna, and I am aware that he strives to choose enough female composers for the concert programs in his cycles, so we want to get his perspective, why he is doing this, and how. We must also include Vedrana Klepica in this discussion, as she is a female writer and director and certainly has a lot to say. There is also a guest from the GRM-INA Institute, Nicolas Debade. We have set up a collaboration with the Institute. My suggestion was to focus on acousmatic music, more precisely on female composers of such music, and I hope that he will shed a different light on working with female composers in France, particularly in his Institute.”