29|05 Saturday
MSU | 12 PM

Conversational Formats

The Music Biennale will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, among other things, by returning a symposium to its program, or rather the various discussion formats. The discussion formats will begin with Lukas Haselböck’s lecture Acoustic spaces of Gérard Grisey. Haselböck (Vienna, 1972) is an Austrian composer and musicologist, from the Institute for musicology and performance studies in Vienna. Among his scholar interests are music analysis, the aesthetics and philosophy of music, sound and sound colour, as well as French composers: the book he wrote on Gérard Grisey (1946 – 1998), who is usually labelled as composer of spectral music, in 2009, was the first to be written about this French author in German language.
After his lecture Haselböck will also join the discussion on women composers and the reflection of the artistic creation of women at 4 pm.