The Festival for the LITTLE BIG ONES once again at the MBZ, now in a completely different form!

The Music Biennale Zagreb has once again created a program for children and youth – but this year in a completely different form. As part of the 30th edition of the Festival in 2019, the first edition for the little big ones was held, with the program that included almost 15 workshops, 5 concerts and 4 performances of the play The Frog Queen by composer Sara Glojnarić and director Rene Medvešek, co-produced by the Zagreb Puppet Theater. The Jeunesses Musicales Croatia also participated in organizing and promoting the program, which was seen by no less than 4,000 children throughout Zagreb.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the MBZ will be moving its program for children and youth from concert halls, schools, and kindergartens to digital formats. On the first day of the Festival, 18 April, a new website will go live – kidz.mbz.hr – offering children of different ages, but also their parents and teachers, a variety of materials, listening rooms and classrooms within a new, broader approach to contemporary music to be used more directly whenever and wherever possible to the delight of all. 
The mascot of the MBZ program for children is Svirko, who will guide the children through the interactive and educational content, quizzes, conversations with composers and performers as well as through a series of animated feature films created by music pedagogue and violinist Lucija Stanojević, produced by Studio Tetrabot, with Nina Čalopek as the program director and concept author. In six episodes, we will find out what it is that a composer or a conductor does, how music is linked to literature, fine arts, theater, or dance, how children can create music or make their own instruments, what aleatory or atonality is – all the while having tremendous fun! 
“When it comes to music, it is needless to say just how much it influences us or how hard it would be to imagine life without it. Music originated from tradition, is passed on as a legacy and music education should therefore be available to everyone. Contemporary music is an excellent door to an amazing world of music as it very quickly allows a child to create, discover, listen and play, even without an instrument, just using their own body. Children are creative beings, and an adult’s mission should be to encourage this creativity. That is why education and opportunity are so important. The Music Biennale Zagreb provides just that — an opportunity for children to discover, listen, play and create, in order for them to compose (as we musicians would say) because those concerts and workshops at the Music Biennale may be the ones that encourage your child to pursue music more intensely, whether it be classical or contemporary,” stated Lucija Stanojević, violinist and music pedagogue.
More information on the interactive, educational, and fun content on contemporary music for children and youth will be available online at kidz.mbz.hr and on the Festival’s social media pages and digital channels.
Remember, from April to September this year, the 31st Music Biennale Zagreb will be held in four program blocks – Furioso!, Shifting, le sacre de l été and Celebration! The detailed program of the festival blocks will be presented by the artistic director of the Music Biennale Zagreb, Margareta Ferek Petrić, at an online press conference on 15 March. For more information on the Festival, visit the official website and the social media pages of the Music Biennale Zagreb and the Croatian Composers’ Society.