06|04 Saturday
Cultural Information Center (KIC) | 11 AM

Kulturno informativni centar - KIC

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Vojtek & Brekalo: Urbi et Orbi

The 30th MBZ presents a project by a multi-instrumentalist Ratko Vojtek and a young composer Matko Brekalo that is based on the project MUSIWALKS from the 1979 Urbofest and the sonic bike by Kaffe Mathews following the program block Homage to Urbofest '79. Symbolically titled Urbi et Orbi, the project by these two musicians is a mix of performance and social experiment, and according to the authors, a “non-hypothetical” project without a musical performance. Aware of the daily routine in which people are merely passers-by overwhelmed by the noise of their own thoughts and distracted by the all-encompassing electromagnetic spectrum, the authors decided to reveal themselves to random viewers in order to catch their attention and spark any kind of reaction. The goal of the project is to present the viewers' reactions to the audience – subjective observes via a live stream. The project is created in collaboration with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.


Photo: Matej Grgić