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KNAPPING: Zone for Free Creation and Expression

Croatian Composers’ Society and KNAP Culture Center asked the students at Music academies and musical departments of Art academies about their musical affinities, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the tertiary education in music and how they imagine the platform for creative expression and broadening their horizons in education looks like. In accordance with their answers, the project KNAPPING/ Zone for Free Creation and Expression is formed, and it will be held on April 5th to April 7th with more than 70 student participants from Music Academy and musical departments at Art academies around Croatia, 20 students from Sarajevo who applied for the project independently, and students from the Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Architecture, Academy of Dramatic Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

Pešćenica Culture Center lends their location, equipment and staff so that the students are able to freely explore and point out their specific skills and by connecting with other musicians – performers, composers, etc. – make new musical connections and collaborations. Several KNAPPING programs: a concert premiere, a music play, lecture by Ivan Fedele, improvisation workshop and speed dating with a composer Eivind Buene will enable the instrumentalist students to choose the composers whose pieces they would like to perform, or students composers (their colleagues, maybe!) to choose the performers of  their pieces.

In the spirit of ‘knapping’ bonding, improvisation workshop will spark the performative self-awareness, but also the group awareness. Speed dating – the awareness of others – will deal with the issues of writing for various instruments with an aim to anticipate the unpleasant situations when the composer’s idea does not match the instrument player’s abilities or the abilities of their instruments, and to teach how to subtly avoid such situations. And finally, the KNAPPING programs will match various art forms in order to introduce the students with the distinctive concepts of contemporary music – improvisation workshops will rely on thematic frameworks and experiments with color, image, personality and mood, while the music play will try to unite various artistic practices in the so called Gesamtkunstwerk – the crown of the group design.



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