12|04 Friday
Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall | 7 PM

KD Vatroslav Lisinski

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Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Great German composer and director Heiner Goebbels performed concertos and other music pieces at the most prestigious art festivals around the globe and will be a guest at this year’s MBZ. His opus includes theatre concertos (Goebbels was a professor at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen), radiophonic pieces, compositions for ensembles and orchestras and sound and video installations.

His composition Surrogate Cities deals with one of the themes of the 30th MBZ: how to translate various records about a city – in Goebbels’s case, drawings, texts, isolated sounds and noises – into the language of music. Surrogate Cities is a historical conglomerate, a bunch of material about big cities that got bigger with time, was updated and changed its source meaning in newer and foreign contexts. Goebbels’s composition is similar to a laboratory experiment: the city is viewed from various perspectives, we display it, we are exposed to it, we talk about it and we read it. Surrogate Cities tries to read the city as if it is a text whose mechanics, like some sort of a formula, can be easily extracted. Although he claims that the piece has been composed on subjective perspective, he also insists that he draws back from it and is not coming closer, just so he can open the space for the audience to add their own associations and ideas to it and thus become co-authors.


Photo: Olympia Orlova, OPPeople