13|04 Saturday
Zagreb Youth Theater | 8 PM

Zagrebačko kazalište mladih

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Festival closing ceremony

The premiere of the ballet Hero is Tired, made in collaboration with the MBZ and the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, will be held at the Festival's closing ceremony. The choreography was created by Giuseppe Spota, a many-times awarded Italian choreographer and dancer. Croatian composer Frano Đurović found the inspiration for a new piece, commissioned by the MBZ, in the poetry collection Wallpaper by Arsen Dedić and in contemporary pop music in Croatia, from Haustor to REM, and an Italian choreographer will translate it into contemporary choreography. This unique piece, made in collaboration with the Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc Ballet Ensemble questions the alienation in a fast-paced, urban world.

Alienation, idolatry, fake identities and the attention to choreography found in Đurović's works are epitomised in Sota's very simple but important belief:

"In our time, identity is something that develops and adapts to new generations and new ways of living. In the 1990s, everyone tried to find their own identity, while today we constantly imitate the best prototypes of those deemed as leaders. A person can reach the top literary every single minute and become the leader simply by posting anything that comes to their mind. We are so preoccupied with the effort of gaining instant fame that we cannot manage to find our true identities. In a world full of lonely identities, will we turn into a multitude of empty personalities or will we become copies of someone else?"


Photo: Fanni Tutek Hajnal