13|04 Saturday
Lauba | 5 PM


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Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra

On the last day, the Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra will hold a world premiere performance of two pieces by Croatian authors and two by Slovenian authors.

From all four composers' notes:

"The idea of three sections pervades the macro and microstructure of the musical form, and it is associated with the varying technique. The piece is predominantly polyphonic. In the chorale-based sections, which appear in the introduction of the first movement, in the second movement and at the end of the third movement, the dense polyphony of the completely divided string section is linked to exquisite harmonic progressions." (D. Kempf, Concerto for alto saxophone and strings*)

"Concerto for Clarinet and Strings was written at the turn of 2018 and is dedicated to Radovan Cavallin since it was written to mark his 50th birthday, his equally long career in playing the clarinet, and our friendship that has lasted almost as long. […] Back in the day, sometime in the late 1980s, when we were playing the clarinet together, I tried to write the first versions of my own compositions. For the clarinet, of course, since I wanted to be able to play them myself as it was not realistic that somebody would want to practice something that difficult which was, on top of that, written by a child. However, another child liked them, and that child was Radovan, who already had one or two degrees. In two hours, he managed to learn what I had been practicing for two months, so my Elegy and Rondo for clarinet and piano found their way into his repertoire, along with concertos by Jean Françaix and Henri Tomasi (and other composers I had not heard of, nor had they heard of me)." (Antun Tomislav Šaban, Concerto for clarinet and strings*)

"The song cycle Book of Bodies is based on the cycle of poems of the same title by the world renowned Slovenian poet Aleš Šteger. The young Slovenian soprano Nika Gorič, to whom the song cycle is dedicated, has helped to make a selection than includes the following five poems:
Beseda ff / The Word ff
Te izriva. / Push You Out
Beseda gol / The Word Naked
S sabo v dvoje. / With yourself in two
Beseda umaže / The Word Dirts You" (Vito Žuraj, Ljubljana Concerto No. 5, Book of Bodies, for soprano and strings)

"In a way, Flux deals with the characteristics of J. S. Bach’s Brandenburg concertos, first and foremost in respect to instrumentation and the roles of certain instruments, both the solo and the ensemble ones. The ensemble is divided in three groups, each one with its role and place in the space. The roles of the smaller groups are not static, but are constantly changing – they are in dialogue with the soloists, or they are their shadows, counterbalance or just strong accents and cuts of the musical flow." (Nina Šenk, Ljubljana Concerto No. 1, Flux, for accordion, trumpet and horn)