11|04 Thursday
National and University Library in Zagreb | 10 PM

Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica

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Rolf Wallin (guest composer)

A concert project THE OTHEROOM, nominated for the Brit Awards in the category of sound art installations, electronic music and live electronic music, is a collaboration of a choreographer duo Heine Avdal and Yukko Shinozaki and a composer Rolf Wallin, commissioned by the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

In THE OTHEROOM the audience is invited to attend the ritual of an unknown form and purpose, instead of just being at the concert. Everything moves; the musicians do not have fixed spots, there are no chairs, and the audience is free to move. Elements of the room, the theater, become parts of the ritual, the movements, and serve as physical manifestations of the musicians' thoughts and its interactions. The performance of a ritual is focused on space arrangement, on questions about how spatial conventions affect the way we perceive private or public spaces and move within them; on thinking about prejudices about spatial conventions; finally, on searching the unexpected crossings between diversely fixed components through small movements or manipulations.

Rolf Wallin is one of the leading contemporary composers in Norway; his works are frequently performed and commissioned worldwide. He draws inspiration from jazz, avant-garde rock, early music and traditional classical techniques, and this versatility can be seen in a wide array of compositions. Wallin's composing approach encompasses diverse techniques and expressions: from absolute music to music theatre and installations; from computer composing for instrumental music to very intuitive music for the stage.


Photo: Rikard Österlund