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Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall | 7 PM

KD Vatroslav Lisinski

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Croatian Radiotelevision Orchestra and Choir

On April 10th, Daniele Gasparini, the winner of the latest 5-minute Piano Concerto Competition, will present his piece for piano and symphony orchestra titled Invisible Cities. The piece will be presented by the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir and Symphony Orchestra, who will also perform a new piece by a composer Mirela Ivčević from Split, Black Moon Lilith, and Salut au Monde by the recently deceased Milko Kelemen.

In his Invisible Cities, Gasparini refers to the novel of the same title by Italo Calvino whom he likes, as he says, for his translucent and harsh style and surreal dreamlike dimension that intriguingly form the texture of Calvino’s text.

The music in this piece is the result of very firm and clear composing techniques and in a similar way tries to push the listener into the mental theater filled with events, suggestions and inner landscapes. Dreamy and visionary component contains nothing of descriptive or expressionist features: in the music world, just like in Calvino's Invisible Cities, everything is organized according to their own principles (iuxta propria principia), and even the hallucinations are light as soap bubbles.

Kelemen's composition, created between 1997 and 1998, is also inspired by the opus of a writer. Kelemen's piece, written for a speaker, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, two choirs and orchestra is inspired by the poetry of an American poet Walt Whitman and his mantra to love all people, all races, all mountains, all seas, i.e. love all of our planet. Although Kelemen's composition initially consists of three parts, its concept is the “endless form”: the music of it constantly moves towards new structures.