13|04 Saturday
Lauba | 3 PM


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Ad Gloriam Brass

A versatile ensemble Ad Gloriam Brass was founded in 1993. Over the years, some 20 musicians had been its members and have played all music styles, from Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romanticism to jazz and swing. This year, the six brass musicians will premiere three works by Croatian composers, as well as the composition Madrigal by Tomislav Oliver. Their first piece, Cascades and Chorales, the composer Ivan Končić conceived as the comparison of urban planning and architecture between Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Impressive and threatening skyscrapers of Zagreb made Končić feel as if the buildings in Dubrovnik, each time he visited his hometown, were getting smaller and smaller. This very nostalgic composition with its cascading effects tries to introduce a “hint of sea irregularity to huge Zagreb.”

The composition by Tomislav Oliver, The Madrigal, was inspired by the music material from the madrigals Aspro core et selvaggio and Mentre che'l cor by a Flemish Renaissance composer Adrian Willaert and from the ideas and techniques of the Venetian school, while Davor Vincze in his Fanfare found the inspiration in the famous poems about Zagreb. The members of the Ad Gloriam Brass surround the audience in Lauba in order to play with sound travelling through space. At the end of the concert (the second section), the players mirror their positions and play the composition backwards, which leads to a completely different space perception. Playing with the electronics and AI, Vincze creates sound segments that reflect the spirit of Zagreb.

The last composition to be performed is the Sextet by the great composer of contemporary and electronic music, Silvio Foretić.


Artist: Gordana Šoštarić