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Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall | 5 PM

KD Vatroslav Lisinski

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Alex Mendizabal: Soap Opera

* In collaboration with the Multimedia Institute

Alex Mendizabal is a Basque artist who constructs instruments and creates spatialization of sound. He often creates unique forms such as “blind” movies, concerts afoot or underwater music. This musician and composer from San Sebastian, who has been living in Rome for the past 30 years, has been experimenting with music and sound. His opus consists of music for orchestras, as well as experiments with graphical scores, scores shorter than a second and concerts for geological movements. He stopped composing in 1996 in order to fully commit to constructing instruments and including space and thought in the basics of his outlines.

Mendizabal founded numerous ensembles, such as the Marching Band, Zine Animau, Dissassociation United Ar, Trio Turco, Pensiero Cinematico, Figli di Armonia, Monnezza sonora, Arione e gli Psilli, etc. In 2001, he began a long process titled Curva Chiusa (sources of sound on the move) together with Chris Blazen. Mendizabal also wrote and produced several operettas and has recently been researching the sound pulsation (battimenti) and performed several concerts with over 100 trumpets.

Soap Opera is a concert installation with balloons, bottles with a little water, soap and membranes.