10|04 Wednesday
Zagreb Dance Center | 11 PM

Duo Amaral & Hellqvist

The Norwegian duo consisting of a piano player Heloisa Amaral and a violin player Karin Hellqvist created a unique multimedia experimental project Impossible Situations in collaboration with the art collective.

Their repertoire includes works by Natasha Barrett, Marina Rosenfield and Øyvinda Torvunda, accompanied by set designer Filippa Berglund, sound engineer Maximilian Sauer and photographer Ellen Inga Hannesdóttir.

The composition by Natasha Barrett for violin and piano includes the recordings of the city bustle mixed with the reminiscences of Ravel's composition Gaspard de la Nuit in order to form an alluring yet deceitful electroacoustic world.

The performance installation by Marina Rosenfled is based on a video reproduced from one source and inspired by the lyrics of a poet Kim Rosenfield about (quasi-true) experiences of professional performers for the American troops abroad. This meditation about the US forces relies both on an incoherent and witty style of stand-up comedians and a unique grammar of a music score.

And finally, the composition by Øyvinda Torvunda presents in a multimedia form a set of imaginary music ideas which are, according to the composer, impossible to realize in a real world.

The collective experiment Impossible Situations has been created with the support of the Norid Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund.