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Jon Irabagon & Zagreb Saxophone Quartet

On April 10th, the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet and a saxophone player Jon Irabagon will perform two pieces commissioned by the 30th MBZ. The pieces, written specifically for a saxophone quintet, were created by Zoran Šćekić and Jon Irabagon respectively.

After the premiere of the Music for chamber orchestra & jazz quintet at the 23rd MBZ, Šćekić prepared something intriguing for the Festival’s 30th edition:

"In this composition, which basically consists of a single movement, although the score is made of 7 parts of varying techniques, I'm trying to combine the best features of the two, at first sight, very different worlds – written and improvised music. The methods I used while composing were a traditional, graphic and hybrid notation (a combination of a traditional and graphic notation, traditional and advanced saxophone playing techniques, contemporary techniques of music composition (a segment, a fragment, an object and a moment) and thirty years of experience in music improvisation."

Jon Irabagon is so excited to perform with one of the most important saxophone quartets that he tried to inscribe that excitement into the language of his newest composition. The piece he will perform on mezzo soprano saxophone has three movements. By using the march tempo in all three movements, Irabagon tries to recall all the memorable melodies of a multi-instrumentalist Anthony Braxton who composed many of his works in this tempo. The composition is thus dedicated to Braxton and his smart solutions.


Photo: Bryan Murray