08|04 Monday
French Institute | 6 PM

Medijateka Francuskog instituta

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At 18 pm on April 8th the French Institute will host a famous Polish string quartet NeoQuartet. NeoQuartet has been equally focused on contemporary classical music performing and intermedia experiments in which the music is intertwined with fine arts, contemporary dance and electronics. By being a mediator between contemporary composers and professional and common audience, the NeoQuartet is one of the most active ensembles specialized for performing new music.

The ensemble has recorded four albums, and since 2017 they have incorporated in their performances electrical instruments with synthesizers and looper pedals. The project titled NeoElectric Quartet is among the rare electrical string quartets in the world that performs new music. But this quartet not only performs music, but also, since 2011, organizes the festival NeoArte Synthesizer of Arts.

Beside names such as Penderecki, Kościów and Šipuš, NeoQuartet will also perform the String Quartet op. 5 by Bruno Vlahek, one of the laureates of the 5-Minute Piano Concerto Competition in 2017. Vlahek wrote this piece in 2005 as, in his words, „a 19-year old on the threshold of leaving the homeland safety and departure to the uncertainty of the foreign world.“ The uncertainty of such path has become clear in the diversity of the elements in the four sections: motorial strength and the syncopations, expressiveness and wittiness, introspective harmonies, drama and ephemerality or dancing seductiveness with a hint of irony. The intertwining of the motifs through four sections contributed to the formation of the whole which requires the sensibility from a performer – both musical and human.


Photo: Tamara Wyrzykowska