5-Minute Piano Concerto Competition

Music Biennale Zagreb – Croatian Composers’ Society, Berislavićeva 9, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia (Hereinafter: HDS – MBZ) calls for applicants to submit their works for the “5-Minute Piano Concerto” Competition:


I. Aims and Objectives of the Competition:


The competition has set the objective to select ten (10) 5-minute piano concertos which will be premiered at 29th Music Biennale Zagreb, in April 2017, in the Competition finals. Among these 10 finalists, a winner will be chosen by the vote of the jury and the audience, and the composer of the winning piece will receive a commission from Music Biennale Zagreb for a new piano concerto, which will be premiered in April/May 2019 at 30th Music Biennale Zagreb.



II. Eligibility of Applications:


  • 5-Minute Piano Concerto Competition is open to all composers, regardless of age, sex or nationality.

  • All submitted pieces must be new works, unpublished and unperformed.

  • Only one application per composer is allowed. Compositions by more than one composer are not eligible for application.

  • Length: up to five minutes (5:00)

  • Instrumentation: piano solo + ensemble (a uno): oboe (including cor Anglais), clarinet (including bass clarinet), trumpet (in C/in Bb), trombone, percussion (1 percussionist – available instruments are: timpani, vibraphone, crotales, gran cassa, piatto sospeso, tamburo militare, temple blocks, frusta), violinvioloncello and double bass. All instruments must be used in the score (for the percussion instruments it is up to the author to choose if he will use all of the available or just several instruments).

  • Use of tape and/or live electronics is not permitted.

  • There is no entry fee.



III. Submission Procedure:


To submit your entry, you need to fill out the application form found here: Application form (https://biennalezg.seamlessdocs.com/f/5mWtwV)

Besides the basic information about the composer, the application form requires:

  • upload of the PDF score with indicated instrumentation of the ensemble

  • a short biography of the composer in English

  • optional: a computer simulation of the piece (mp3, 128 kbps+)


Judging is blind, therefore composers must remove all identifying labels and printed names from all the above mentioned materials to assure anonymity before the jury!

The score should be submitted anonymously, bearing a letter or digit code.


HDS – MBZ vouches for the anonymity of the applications before the jury.



IV. Application deadline:


  • Application deadline: September 23, 2016, 23.59 CET

  • Applications that are incomplete or not duly filled will be regarded non-valid.



V. Selection Procedure:


The competition will be held in two rounds: preliminary selection of the compositions and the final concert – Competition Finals.


1) Preliminary selection of the works for the Competition Finals:


  • A distinguished international jury of composers and conductors will select ten (10) piano concertos out of the applications received for the Competition. These works shall be the Finalists in the competition.

  • The decision of the Jury and the list of the piano concertos shortlisted for the Finals shall be published by October 28, 2016, on the www.mbz.hr website. Within 8 days following the publication of the list of Finalists, composers of the piano concertos shortlisted for the Finals shall be notified by electronic mail at the contact address indicated in the Application Form.

  • By the signing of the Application Form Applicants shall expressly acknowledge that the Jury reserves the right of not selecting any piano concertos to be Finalists, if the quality of submitted applications does not meet the necessary quality level.

  • In case of insufficient number of applications, HDS – MBZ reserves the right to cancel the competition.


2) Competition Finals:


  • Ten (10) piano concertos chosen by the jury will be performed at 29th Music Biennale Zagreb

  • All finalists are obliged to prepare all performance materials (performance score + parts) and grant their use for the performance free of charge. The materials must be sent by e-mail to the competition coordinator (Ivana Pinjušić Bužančić, ivanapb@hds.hr) until November 11, 2016.

  • An international jury will decide about the winner of the competition, taking into account the audience’s vote, and their decision will be announced the same evening the Competition Finals take place. The Jury reserves the right not to select a winner.

  • All Finalists allow the performances of their pieces in the Competition Finals to be audio/video recorded, and the recordings used for promotional purposes, including making the recording available on the internet in its entirety.

  • All finalists will be invited to the Final Concert. Accommodation costs will be covered by HDS – MBZ.




VI. Prizes


1st prize

  • a commission of a new piano concerto (20 – 30 minutes in duration), which is to be premiered on 30th Music Biennale Zagreb, in April/May 2019.

  • The fee for the above mentioned piece is set to 4.000 € nett of any duties in Croatia.

  • HDS – MBZ reserves the right to choose the performers for the new piano concerto (including the orchestra, conductor and the soloist), in accordance with the composer.


2nd prize

  • a performance of one existing orchestral or ensemble piece by the author at 30th Music Biennale Zagreb in April/May 2019. The work will be chosen by HDS – MBZ, in accordance with the composer.


3rd prize

  • a performance of one existing chamber or solo piece by the author at 30th Music Biennale Zagreb in April/May 2019. The work will be chosen by HDS – MBZ, in accordance with the composer.



VII. Additional Information:


All additional questions regarding the competition may be addressed to:

Ivana Pinjušić Bužančić, competition coordinator, ivanapb@hds.hr, +385 1 4872 369.



VIII. Final provisions:


  • By signing and submitting the Application Form, Applicants certify and expressly declare that their participation in the Competition shall not infringe upon any third person’s rights, or that they possess the due authorization for participation in the Competition by any third person concerned. Applicants warrant that the Work submitted is of individual and original type and no third person has any rights that would prevent or limit HDS – MBZ in the potential use of the Work. HDS – MBZ is not obliged to verify the truth of the statements by the Applicant, and Applicant shall bear all responsibility for these statements while HDS – MBZ shall not be held liable for any resulting charges.
  • By signing and submitting the Application, Applicants agree and acknowledge that the Application Form, the Competition Call and the Competition Regulations constitute an indivisible whole. Consequently, by signing and submitting the Application Form Applicants declare that they have understood and acknowledged all the provisions contained in the Application Form, Competition Call and Competition Regulations, and they accept them as binding for themselves, therefore they shall not raise any later objections or claims with regards to the provisions and their outcomes and expressly and irrevocably resigns from any such rights by the signing of the said Application Form.
  • By signing and submitting the Application form Applicants expressly and irrevocably agree that the HDS – MBZ publish their names, photos and the title of their Works along with a short summary of the work in any publication appearing in relation to the Competition or MBZ (including but not limited to: newspapers, magazines, periodicals, websites, television, marketing materials, leaflets, etc.).
  • By signing and submitting the Application Form Applicants acknowledge that any kind of litigation with respect to the Competition shall be governed by effective Croatian Law in Croatian jurisdiction.