Martyna Kosecka - "I will share with you some completely new world at the MBZ 2017.!"


Polish composer Martyna Kosecka is currently in Linz, Austria at the Festival 4020. She is working there as the conductor of the Ensemble 4020, performing music by contemporary composers from Iran and Turkey. After hearing the news that her work won the first prize at the first MBZ 5-Minute Opera Competition, she sent us the following message: “I feel amazing, incredibly happy! To be honest, my mind is a jumble right now and I am very thankful to the jury and the audience who both appreciated the concept and music of Kochawaya. I put all my heart into writing this short opera – presenting the world’s perspective from different angles – that of a little dog, humans and the nature itself. Now I realize I have brought it to life in music in a good way! What will be my next idea for a new opera?! I still don’t know, I’m still not thinking about it yet. But I am sure that I will come across an interesting subject, and that the idea will grow in me and the new work will reflect some new world I will gladly share with you at the Music Biennale Zagreb 2017!”