Biennale remains open, you stay as well


Pascal Touzeau has been staying in Zagreb for several weeks now,preparing the performance of Kings of Gods, whose premiere by the Croatian National Theater Ballet will conclude the 28th MBZ. “I am glad I could accept the invitation of the manager of the Croatian National Theater Ballet Leonard Jakovina as I like very much your city, the ballet ensemble and the concept of the Kings of Gods,” said the famous French choreographer. The ballet consists of two parts. The first is performed along with the composition Complex Poetry by Tomislav Oliver, and the composition by Ivana Kiš for the second part is called The Selfish Gene Machine. Both compositions will be performed by the CroatianNational Theater Orchestra conducted by Maestro Dian Tchobanov at tonight’s first performance and premiere. The words which the choreographer associates with the first part are virtuosity and neoclassicism, while the second part relies more on creating the atmosphere and emotions. All in accordance with music. In addition, as much as dancers find it more comfortable to always dance to the same recording, the choreographer is actually looking forward to the challenge of performing with orchestra and live music. “The stage and the orchestra are two different worlds, but all of it, including the entire team behind the scene as well as the people in the audience, represent the life of theater and bring even more energy into the performance.” With these words the choreographer welcomes you to the Croatian National Theater, to the end of the adventure to which we have embarked from this same spot eight days ago. And until 2017, do not forget: the Music Biennale Zagreb remains open. You stay as well. Deep bow to all of you, honorificabilitudinitas !