Tonight – a grand finale of the competition for the best five-minute opera!


The Biennale day, as usual, starts at 11 am at the KIC with the concert of Terezija Cukrov, who presents her toy piano and compositions written specifically for this unusual little instrument. The Artist Talk at the KIC at noon will be an opportunity for Milan Pala to introduce the program of his afternoon concert at the HGZ, as well as the five-string instrument milanolo made especially for him. In addition to the Slovak virtuoso, we will also have an opportunity to talk with the members of the hand werk ensemble who will perform tonight at 9.30 pm at the ZKM. 

The Artist Talk at 3 pm at the &TD Café will introduce the performance of the percussionist Simone Beneventi that will be held at 11 pm at the MM. The Talk will also be joined by Thierry Coduys and Guillaume Jacquemin, the authors of the generative videosystem that will be a special addition and a part of Beneventi's concert.

The prime time event, to be held at 7.30 pm at the HGZ, is the 5-Minute Opera, excitedly awaited finale of the international competition for the best five-minute opera in which more that 81 author from around the world participated. Ten finalists will see the premiere of their five-minute stage music works before the expert panel and the audience whose voice will also count in deciding the winner. It will be a great feat for two excellent vocal soloists, soprano Monika Cerovèec and baritone Krešimir Stražanac. Do not miss it!