Soap Opera nearing its climax


After the first three episodes composed by Mladen Tarbuk, Mirela Ivičević i Zoran Juranić, the plot, music and characters of the soap opera have been passed along to Silvio Foretić, a witty, experienced and a proven master of parody and musical skit, the author of the opera Maršal, which marked the celebration of the 50th anniversary of MBZ in 2011. First performed at the Croatian National Theatre in Split, it immediately became iconic. In the next to last episode of the Soap Opera, tenor Miljenko Đuran appears next to fantastic soloists Gorana Biondić and Ivana Srbljan for the first time.

The first performance, directed by Dora Ruždjak Podolski and conducted by Ivan Josip Skender, will take place on Monday, March 16, 2015 at the Lisinski Small Hall. It will be the climax of Cantus Ensemble's fourth concert in the Cantus & Lisinski concert series. They will also perform the anthologic and prizewinning compositions by Miro Belamarić – 5 Poemas del Cante Jondo for a high voice and piano, performed by Marijala Lešaja and Srebrenka Poljak; Marko Slaviček – Komsomolka's tear for violin and chamber orchestra with soloist Martin Draušnik; and Davorin Kempf – Reminiscences for a wind trio performed by oboist Branko Mihanović, clarinetist Danijel Martinović and bassoonist Žarko Perišić. Do not forget, the finale of the Soap Opera – a collaboration between Cantus Ensemble, MBZ and Studentski centar's Culture of Change programme – will take place at the 28th Music Bienalle, on April 22 at 10 pm at Teatar &TD. All the episodes will be performed, including the last one which Gordan Tudor is still composing, also commissioned by MBZ.