Interview with the finalist of the 5-Minute Opera Competition: Gillis Sacré


1. Where and how did you find out about the 5 Minutes Opera Competition?

I found out about this competition on ‘The Composer’s site’, where there is a list of composition competitions. It seemed to me like a very original concept for a competition, so I started to think immediately about how I would imagine a mini-opera of 5 minutes.


2. Did you have any previous knowledge about Music Biennale Zagreb?

The Music Biennale Zagreb sounded familiar, but I had never been able to visit the festival before.


3. Did you have any previous experience in composing for stage?

I have some experience; ten years ago I’ve written three times a musical theatre piece for children and performed by children. It was for the music school where I was teaching at that time, and even if it was not very difficult music, and written for children, these were very interesting and joyful experiences.


4. What kind of challenge was it for you to compose a 5 minute opera?

It was quite a challenge.  Maybe the most difficult thing for me was that this short piece had to be complete, had to stand on his own, with a beginning, a middle section and an end, both musically and dramatically.


5. Have you ever been in Croatia and do you plan to come to Zagreb to the premiere of your piece?

Unfortunately I’ve never been in Croatia before, but I certainly plan to travel to Zagreb for the festival and I’m really looking forward to visit the city of Zagreb. It’s always a thrilling experience to visit a city for the first time.