Nadar Ensemble premieres RECHT (WT): Ökonomien des Handelns II


The premiere of the project RECHT (WT): Ökonomien des Handelns II, by video artist Daniel Kötter and composer Hannes Seidl, performed by Nadar Ensemble, takes place tonight in Frankfurt – Mousonturrm, at the festival Frankfurter Positionen. With this project Nadar ensemble will come to Zagreb in a coproduction between Music Biennale Zagreb and Music Showroom of the Student Centre Zagreb, performing on the second day of the festival.  In the series of projects Economies of action Daniel Kötter and Hannes Seidl focus on underlying conditions of social actions. What strategies exist which guide the rules of an economy of the public sphere, art, politics and money, and how can they be abrogated? These economies are examined by Kötter / Seidl by considering those official and internalized “switching points” where social self-presentation and self-legitimization are produced and reproduced daily and routinely: money and love, law and fear. After Daniel Kötter and Hannes Seidl addressed their first piece of this series “KREDIT. Von der Erwartbarkeit zukünftiger Gegenwarten"  to the temporality of the financial economic occurrences with their piece "RECHT (WT)" they turn their interest towards spacial aspects. The Ensemble NADAR sets the (corporate) bodies, acting in a performance space in order to consolidate film material of borderline situations and space definitions, fences, walls, words, sounds et. al. onto a discursive and loud evening. Before coming to Zagreb and SC's &TD Theatre, Nadar is travelling to Ghent and Berlin, to perform the project at the Bijloke Music Centre and at the Maerzmusik festival.