Interview with the finalist of the 5-Minute Opera Competition: Magnus Bunnskog


1. Where and how did you find out about the 5 Minutes Opera Competition?

Through The Swedish Society for Composers.


2. Did you have any previous knowledge about Music Biennale Zagreb?



3. Did you have any previous experience in composing for stage?

Yes, I composed a chamber opera, and one solo dance piece, but also a radio opera, and a hörspiel. I have a background in experimental theatre and have also written texts for the stage  and I have a degree in Theatre Studies. 


4. What kind of challenge was it for you to compose a 5 minute opera?

The format has a clear limit, which is always good when you are composing. Five minutes is very short, but calls for other types of narratologies, logic or matters of dramatic intensity. Something has to be said or expressed - but quickly - and without regrets. Wonderful!


5. Have you ever been to Croatia and do you plan to come to Zagreb to the premiere of your piece?

Yes, I have been in Zagreb in 2014 as participant of the ISCM Composers Exchange, and yes, of course I will attend my premiere!