MBZ ballet by Frano Đurović at the World Music Days in Wrozlaw

Frano Đurović’s ballet „My name is Nobody“, composed as a commission for the MBZ in 2011 and coproduced by Music Biennale Zagreb and Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin, will have its first performance in Poland as part of the World Music Days being held in Wrozlaw. In 2011, the ballet was one of the five musical theatre pieces commissioned from Croatian composers and coproduced between MBZ and the five Croatian National Theatres (Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Rijeka, Varaždin) to honor the five decades of the festival.

In the meantime, Frano Đurović found himself in the Biennale’s leading team, in the position of artistic advisor, and his “Biennale show” developed an independent life on its own, with numerous guest performances. This piece, choreographed by the Italian born Massimiliano Volpini and video component by the composer himself, has long been labeled “work in progress”, so it comes to no surprise that in Wrozlaw, it will be presented in a completely new remake.

The tonight’s performance of “My name is Nobody” (8th Oct.2014), on the stage of the Wrozlaw Centre for audio-visual technology, is designed as an interdisciplinary project, in which the electronic music of Frano Đurović was adapted by Kostas Georgakopulos. The visual component is created by the Wrozlaw artist Bartek Szlachcic, choreographed by Dawida Lorenc.